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Thematic Panel

Research & Action session

Author-meets-critics session


Young-scholar-meets-senior-scholar session



Individual paper

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Measuring progress, gaps and slippages in human development

Recalibrating economic policies

Human security and wellbeing

Equity and social inclusion

Social solidarity, grassroots approaches, and collective action

Revisiting role of the welfare state

Social protection and capability resilience

Informational and digital capabilities

Philosophical and ethical foundations and implications of the capability approach

Methodological issues in operationalizing the capability approach

Capability measurement and empirical analysis

Human rights and development

Policy analysis, evaluation, and economics related to capabilities and agency

Contributions from psychology to understanding human capabilities

Capability approach and arts policy and practice

Health inequalities, disability and aging

Equalities and inequalities for children and youth

Education, rights, equalities and capabilities

Urban capabilities

Transparency, accountability, global governance and public policy

Environment and sustainable development

Creating social and economic impact in development and public policy using the capability approach