Varia: panel for the submission of papers which do not fit into existing panels
Amrit Gomperts (independent)
Michel Pichon (INRAP)
Amrit Gomperts (July 7), Michel Pichon (July 9)
Salle 211 G MAE
Start time:
7 July, 2015 at 9:30
Session slots:

Short abstract:

This is a panel for paper submissions from those who feel that their work does not fit in existing panels. The organisers will seek to reallocate to either existing or new panels.

Long abstract:

If you cannot find a panel where you feel your work would be at home, you may submit a paper proposal to this holding panel. The organisers will consider all proposals and seek to either reallocate to existing panels, if a fit becomes apparent; or create new panels out of the remaining papers.