Archaeology, heritage and management: the changing scenario with special reference to Southeast Asia
Asmita Basu (Academy for Professional Excellence)
Prabir Biswas (Institute of Business Management and Research, Kolkata)
Salle du Lesc F308 MAE
Start time:
7 July, 2015 at 9:30
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Short abstract:

The changing scenario of the three disciplines-Archaeology , Heritage , and Management would invoke proper sustainable development of Southeast Asian archaeological sites.

Long abstract:

The three different domains of knowledge namely Archaeology, Heritage and Management are individual areas of study yet the study that encompasses all three domains is a unique and multi-disciplinary approach. It is important to deal with the three areas simultaneously for sustainability of culture and heritage. Since archaeological materials are limited and irreplaceable it is essential to have a constructive and holistic approach in order to promote sustainable development and effective management and control. Appropriate heritage management for the complex and vast archaeological landscape of Southeast Asia requires certain new approaches for solving different issues including development of unexplored and new sites. The changing scenario of Archaeology and Heritage management in Southeast Asian countries advocates a study of the community based heritage management with proper protection and management policies. An attempt should be made to contextualize the interpretation and improvisation of hundreds of less known archaeological sites through sustainable measures and management policies. This session invites discussions on sustainable development of less known archaeological sites, rich in cultural resources, beyond the purview of the list of World Heritage sites .