The antiquities trade in Southeast Asia: new solutions to an old problem
Damien Huffer (Smithsonian Institution)
Abhirada Komoot
Damien Huffer
Salle du conseil 4th floor MAE
Start time:
7 July, 2015 at 11:30 (UTC+0)
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Short abstract:

This panel will present current research and public outreach efforts that seek to further quantify, document, expose and counteract the regional illicit antiquities trade.

Long abstract:

This panel aims to share the latest research and public outreach efforts attempting to further understand, expose and counteract the Southeast Asian illicit antiquities trade. Although increasing attention has been given to documenting the trade qualitatively and quantitatively, more needs to be done to understand it as a region-wide, transborder phenomena. This panel, therefore, seeks presentations that cover either new field-based research in source or demand countries relevant to the Southeast Asian antiquities trade, and/or those that discuss the goals, progress or effectiveness of new public awareness campaigns spearheaded by communities or individuals. Especially sought after would be presentations documenting research that combines archaeological fieldwork or on-the-ground investigation of trafficking networks, with community engagement geared towards stemming the trade at the local level.