Accepted Paper:

India-Iran relations in the 21st century: adapting to new realities in the West Asian region  


Meena Singh Roy (Institute for Defence Studies and Anlyses)

Paper short abstract:

India and Iran have a long history of engagement. Iran’s improving ties with the US, its growing regional profile, and India’s deep desire to cement its ties with Iran offer great potential for enhanced cooperation between India and Iran.

Paper long abstract:

Major developments are taking place in the geo-political landscape of the West Asian region. These new developments demand a fresh look at the bilateral relations between India and Iran in the context of the regional geopolitical complexities. More importantly, the current uncertainties in Afghanistan and Pakistan and increasing violence and upsurge of extremist forces like Daesh (or ISIS) in West Asian region have exposed India and Iran to completely new set of challenges, issues and conditions. These emerging new security challenges in the region demand India and Iran to jointly address these common challenges. Both countries are important regional actors and can play a significant role in maintaining regional security. Over the past few years, both countries have been struggling to manage their energy and economic ties under the shadow of the US and EU sanctions. The new regional situation is, however, much more amenable for constructive engagement between Iran and India.

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South Asia's changing security environment