Understanding India's international rise 
Chris Ogden (University of St Andrews)
Room 207
Start time:
29 July, 2016 at 9:00 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

This panel investigates India's increasingly complex foreign policy dynamics as her political, economic & geo-strategic importance increases. Employing a variety of contemporary & historical perspectives, its contributors assess India's current significance & future prominence.

Long Abstract

This panel investigates India's increasingly complex foreign policy dynamics and relations as her political, economic and geo-strategic importance increases. Through a range of analysis carried out across several key dimensions (including economic and military strength, multilateral engagement and soft power, and peripheral relations and strategic culture), its papers will investigate how South Asia's largest state is rising to prominence in the international system. Employing a variety of contemporary and historical perspectives, the panel's contributors will assess India's current significance and her global importance. Via an improved understanding of her core interests and intensifying international interaction; what impact will India's international rise have on South Asia and the world as a whole?

Underpinning these aims, the panel will draw together different theoretical and empirical perspectives, so as to provide structural and actor based explanations of India's international rise. The organisers welcome papers that reflect a plurality of relevant theoretical and historical perspectives, including (but not exclusive to) realist, liberalist and constructivist accounts in International Relations (IR) theory. By combining together such diverse perspectives, the panel will produce an engaging and dynamic forum for the discussion of the precedents, present orientation and possible future trajectories of Indian foreign policy. The panel aims to produce a comprehensive assessment of India's (and South Asia's) mounting contemporary significance and future global importance. It will also highlight the various challenges and obstacles that stand between India and her emergence as a great power in the 21st century.

Accepted papers: