Environmental politics in urban South Asia
Natasha Cornea (University of Lausanne)
Anna Zimmer (University of Lausanne)
Start time:
24 July, 2014 at 11:00
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Short abstract:

This panel examines environmental politics in urban South Asia. Contributions to the panel explore the political processes of and discourse around the governance of the urban environment in India and Nepal.

Long abstract:

The 'environment' and 'environmental problems' in urban areas are increasingly the focus of governance efforts by both state and non-state actors in urban South Asia. Governance discourses and practices around both are not merely technical or managerial questions, but rather are highly politicized processes. In turn the outcome of these processes are often socially, spatially and economically differentiated. The panel seeks to develop a more complete understanding of environmental politics in urban South Asia and contribute to the theoretical dialogue on the interpretation of these political processes. In order to structure this dialogue the panel seeks to discuss the following questions: What is the 'urban environment' and how can it be conceptualized? How is the urban environment politicized, by which actors, and to what effects? How are cities and their environment(s) shaped by such politics? How can insights from studies on environmental politics in South Asia inform larger theoretical debates on the urban environment?