From the inside looking out… Filmic visions of South Asia's tacit "other" 
Paolo S. H. Favero (University of Antwerp)
Giulia Battaglia (University of Sorbonne Nouvelle)
Grande Auditório
Start time:
26 July, 2012 at 9:00 (UTC+0)
Session slots:

Short Abstract:

This exhibition/panel aims to provoke the logic that has characterized conventional visual gazes upon South Asia. Approaching the subcontinent as a place to "look from" rather than to "look at" it aims to attract all kinds of visual presentations able to re-think conventional approaches to South Asia.

Long Abstract

The relation between film and South Asia has historically been characterized by a desire to portray the diversity and charms of the Indian subcontinent. Often reproducing male hegemonic colonial perspectives this approach is particularly evident for instance in the tradition of documentary film where India, Pakistan, Nepal, etc. have conventionally been presented, in a charming blend of love and hatred, attraction and repulsion (i.e. through the fundamental ingredients of exotica) as places to "look at" rather than to "look from".

"From the inside looking out" aims to provoke this logic. Taking off from the experimentations that are taking place particularly in the field of contemporary digital practices we wish to attract visual projects which directly or indirectly invert and comment upon conventional visual representations of the Indian Subcontinent.

We welcome all kinds of visual projects ranging from documentary film, to interactive documentaries, fiction films, short films, animated films, online installations and creative visual presentations.

To propose your visual project use the 'propose a paper' link below, not forgetting to include format, runtime and other relevant info (director, producer, language, media).

Accepted papers: