ELIAS European Librarians in African Studies 11th Annual Meeting, followed by visit to the exhibition Stolen Moments

Susanne Hubler
Susann Hubler
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28 June, 2017 at 9:00
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9:00 Registration and welcome 9:15 Welcome address by Dr. Elisabeth Frasnelli (Director, University Library Basel) 9:30 Introduction round. Special guests: Jessica Achberger (African Studies Librarian, Michigan State University) and Dr. Jungyoon Park (Korea-Africa Centre, Seoul) 10:00 Dr. Jungyoon Park (Korea-Africa Centre, Seoul): In quest of a Korea-Africa Partnership. In the presentation, the Korea-Africa Center will be introduced and some issues that happened while building a new Africa database will be explained. 10:30 David Tréfàs / Alice Spinnler (University Library Basel): Afrikaportal 11:00Reto Ulrich (Basler Afrika Bibliographien): Namibia Digital Collection 11:30 Jos Damen (ASC Leiden): Comparing African Studies Centres (& Libraries) in Europe 12:00 Mattias Åkesson (NAI Uppsala): Cooperation for interchange on materials on the African liberation movement: a low budget project 12:30Magali Meunier the library of LAM (Les Afriques dans le monde) 13:00 Lunch 14.30ELIAS Annual Business Meeting 15.30 Visit to the exhibition Stolen Moments – NamibianMusic History Untold 18:00 Dinner