The visibility and violence of sexual diversity in Africa 
Eileen Moyer (University of Amsterdam)
Gavaza Maluleke (HSRC/UvA)
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1 July, 2017 at 9:00 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

This panel will examine the ways that (social) mediated events relating to contemporary public discourses of sexual diversity and gender non-conformity in Africa reiterate and/or challenge "African" norms of patriarchy, filial duty, and (hetero)sexuality.

Long Abstract

This panel will examine current (social) mediated events that relate to contemporary public discourses of sexual diversity and gender non-conformity in Africa. We aim to provide insight into these important topics, as well as open up discussion about the ways that Africa and Africanness is defined in political, cultural and social imaginings of the public across the continent. Specifically, this panel will focus on the ways that social media representations related to "African" norms of patriarchy, filial duty, and (hetero)sexuality articulate the relationship between the increasing visibility of sexual and gender rights based claims and sexual violence.

Topics might include: recent challenges to homosexual tolerance in Tanzania by the state as represented in international, national, and social media fora; attempts by young activists in South Africa to interrogate sexual violence and rape in the context of the #rememberkhwezi or #feesmustfall actions; how media coverage of homosexual tolerance in Kenya is shaping national politics, specifically in a lead up to national elections

The panel hopes to bring together researchers working in the fields of anthropology, gender, media and queer studies to discuss recent (social) mediated events, how they are both represented in and dependent upon (social) media, and their importance for challenging the entwinement of (hetero)sexist and traditionalist political and religious discourse.

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