Different Localities, Different Identities? Rural-Urban Mobilities and the (Re)Production of Class 
Michelle Engeler (University of Basel)
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29 June, 2017 at 9:00 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

This panel links processes of class production and reproduction to modes of identity formation in diverse transnational spaces. It invites contributions that discuss people's mobile life trajectories and their class belongings between the poles of metropolis and village in Africa and beyond.

Long Abstract

In recent debates within African Studies (middle) class relations have gained a lot of attention. This panel links the topic to transnational processes of class formation and identity making in different localities. Thus, key questions concern the entanglements of class belonging(s) to varying transnational and translocal spaces. We want to ask if and in how far class is travelling and transforming between different spaces, e.g. the rural and the urban. Papers based on in-depth case studies might refer to people commuting between metropolis and rural settings in various African contexts and beyond. Examples could include mobile academics and professionals, traders or labor migrants. Contributions offering theoretical insights may reflect on the visibility of the transnational reproduction of class and identity, for instance by thinking of festivities or built environments both in urban and rural contexts.

Accepted papers: