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Accepted Paper:

Community - state mitigation and adaptation strategies in climate - change hotpots of the Upper West Region of Ghana.  
Gideon Selorm Hosu-Porbley (University of Ghana)

Paper short abstract:

The paper examines priorities and strategies of community and state level structures regarding flooding of climate change hotpots where livelihoods in farming communities are affected. It also explains the effects of climate induced migration actions by stakeholders in the incident areas.

Paper long abstract:

Migration from and to climate change hotpots have been a feature of some key communities in northern Ghana, specifically the upper west region of Ghana, which has experienced flooding in recent times in some of its major communities in Nadowli-Kaleo District, Jirapa District, and the Lawra municipality. This has resulted in forced migration, mainly from rural - rural settings, disruptions of livelihoods at source regions and related effects of migration inflows at the destinations. The district and community structures have made some internal arrangements culminating in evacuations and forced migration, and other actions influenced by the tenets of the National Disaster Management Organization of Ghana. The interplay of these actions have implications for development programming and sustainable livelihoods in the climate change hotpots.

Panel Envi04
African futures: climate change and human mobility
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