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The legacies and futures of soldiers, rebels and militias from central & southern Africa’s armed conflicts 
Lennart Bolliger (Utrecht University)
Salvador Forquilha (Institute for Social and Economic Studies - IESE)
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Salvador Forquilha (Institute for Social and Economic Studies - IESE)
Lennart Bolliger (Utrecht University)
Corinna Jentzsch (Leiden University)
Nikkie Wiegink (Utrecht University)
Politics and International Relations (x) Violence and Conflict Resolution (y)
Neues Seminargebäude, Seminarraum 11
Start time:
1 June, 2023 at
Time zone: Europe/Berlin
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Short Abstract:

This roundtable presents new books on soldiers, rebels, and militias in central and southern Africa, and what insights can be drawn from them for contemporary and future armed conflicts in the region.

Long Abstract:

Armed conflicts leave behind political legacies that matter not only for those who were affected by the violence, but also for those who participated in the violence. This roundtable aims to celebrate new books on wartime and post-war experiences of soldiers, rebels, and militias in central and southern Africa and discuss the legacies of combatant experiences for contemporary and future African politics. It invites authors of recently published books from different disciplines such as history, political science, and anthropology to compare different theoretical approaches and methods. The participants are invited to reflect on their own work and that of the other participants in relation to contemporary armed conflicts and to tease out necessary avenues for future research on armed group formation, organization, and demobilization, and how these processes shape post-war politics and the future of armed conflict.

We aim to organize a roundtable conversation with four to five authors of recently published monographs and books about armed actors in central and southern Africa. Confirmed participants are Lennart Bolliger (Apartheid’s Black Soldiers: Un-national Wars and Militaries in Southern Africa), Corinna Jentzsch (Violent Resistance: Militia Formation and Civil War in Mozambique), and Nikkie Wiegink (Former Guerrillas in Mozambique).

Accepted contributions:

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