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What does it mean to be an Indian Ocean African? [CRG Africa in the Indian Ocean] 
Preben Kaarsholm (Roskilde University)
Marie Pierre Ballarin (Paris - URMIS)
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Preben Kaarsholm (Roskilde University)
Iain Walker (Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology)
Marie Pierre Ballarin (Paris - URMIS)
Arts and Culture (x) Gender, Sexuality & Intersectionality (y) Futures (y)
Neues Seminargebäude, Seminarraum 16
Thursday 1 June, -
Time zone: Europe/Berlin

Short Abstract:

How are African Indian Ocean notions of identity and belonging given voice, what is the importance of diaspora intellectuals, how are the articulations of diaspora intellectuals digested in local media and institutions, and how will they be negotiated by future Indian Ocean Africans?

Long Abstract:

The award of the Nobel Prize for literature to British-based, Zanzibari-born Abdulrazak Gurnah became the occasion for renewed discussion of what constitutes African Indian Ocean identities, and how they are being developed and perceived.

This panel will debate the processes through which African Indian Ocean identities and notions of belonging are circulated and mediated, the importance of diaspora and exile intellectuals in the articulation of identities, and ways in which such articulations are being received and digested within local cultural media and institutions.

What powers and hierarchies are at play in such relationships between the global and the local, how are notions of ‘authentic’ belonging constructed and debated, and how will the balances and migrations between translocal cosmopolitanism and claims to local representativity be negotiated by future Indian Ocean Africans?

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Thursday 1 June, 2023, -