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African belongings in Central and Eastern Europe: focus on language and race 
Stephanie Rudwick (University Of Hradec Kralove)
Bolaji Balogun (University of Sheffield, UK)
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Anthropology (x) Futures (y)
Philosophikum, S85
Friday 2 June, -
Time zone: Europe/Berlin

Short Abstract:

This panel is conceptualised as a multidisciplinary platform which addresses questions of racial and linguistic belonging among African people and Afropeans in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The objective is to tease out a nuanced understanding of race, whiteness, language, and migration.

Long Abstract:

Language and race are intertwined in Western thought and racialized language is not only historically and ideologically constructed but it is also deeply embedded in political structures. This panel focuses on constructions of 'blackness' vis-a-vis 'whiteness' and their intersecting nature with language in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Whilst scholarly attention on Black Europe tends to focus predominantly on Western Europe, this panel expands on the growing decolonial scholarship on the experiences of citizenship, belonging and racialisation of African people and Black Europeans in understudied locations. In doing so, the panel provides a distinctive focus on Black Eastern Europeans, as part of the collective Afropean experience. It addresses forms of the production of difference through race and language and aims to interrogate how they are co-constituted in various national identity politics. It provides a multidisciplinary platform and aims to offer intersectional perspectives between social, historical, anthropological, and linguistic studies.

Our objective is to tease out a nuanced understanding of race, whiteness, language, and migration in CEE. The panel will convey critical engagement with multiple social factors and offer a comprehensive, balanced, and global view, whilst focussing on a diverse range of socio-cultural issues across CEE. With the above context in mind, we welcome contributions that provide insights into the complex processes of racial and linguistic forms of 'othering' from an empirical perspective. Of a particular interest will be a race-language conscious social analysis, the broader interdisciplinary debates on Black Europe and the very particular case of Black people in CEE

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Friday 2 June, 2023, -