Disruptive urbanisms
Ola Uduku (Manchester School of Architecture )
Oluwafemi Olajide (University of Auckland)
Taibat Lawanson (University of Lagos)
Environment and Geography
David Hume, Lecture Theatre B
Wednesday 12 June, 8:45-10:15

Short abstract:

Disruptive urbanism exists. Cities are no longer formal - planned or informal- unplanned. 21st century African cities now comprise spaces characterised by non-distinctive functions that still retain their economic and socio-cultural value. Presentations are invited that explore these new spaces.

Long abstract:

Contributed Papers are invited from urbanists, architects, planners and geographers who are asked to produce new writings on the 21st century African city. Whilst we are calling for an engagement with space in its physical and conceptual form, we are also asking candidates to discuss their understanding of the city through textual, pictoral and other media narratives through which we can make sense of the new 21st century African city. The unbuilt being as important as the built, official historical records can be juxtaposed with literary narratives - ultimately the panel opens the city up as the subject for exploration, association and confrontation for city dwellers and visitors. We welcome new ways of engaging with this challenge and will support proposals for non traditional formats of presentation as best as we are able.