The dynamics of the popular: social media, popular communication and challenges to power in contemporary Africa
Hilde Arntsen (University of Bergen)
Start time:
28 June, 2013 at 16:00
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Short abstract:

This panel analyses the dynamics of the popular in social media across contemporary Africa.

Long abstract:

This panel seeks to analyse the dynamics of the popular in social media across contemporary Africa. Mediated communication through social media is rapidly finding new forms of expression and influencing already established mediated forms of communication. Such popular communications take on political and ideological implications. What are the dynamics of these processes? How are such forms of social creativity via mediated communication being put to creative use in various African countries? Often hailed for its democratic potentials, the dynamics may be more complex. Do such dynamics attempt to challenge already excising mediated forms of communication. How are inventive new forms of social communication being shaped and for what kinds of purposes? Theoretically funded in critical media and cultural studies, this panel will accept papers that analyse the dynamics of the popular in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and various Internet community networks in contemporary Africa. The conveners of this panel are media and literary scholars based in the Scandinavian countries, focussing on popular mediated communication in a critical perspective in contemporary Africa. Drawing on extensive established connections with researchers in both African and European countries, as well as our previous panels at ECAS4 and several Nordic Africa Days, this panel seeks to expand on our existing networks and consolidate already existing researcher connections across the two continents.