Recovering the dynamism of African people: contemporaneous history (20th and 21st centuries)
Luciana Laura Contarino Sparta (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
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28 June, 2013 at 10:30
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Short abstract:

The aim is to recover contemporaneous African history not just as an appendage of northern countries', but as a main part of human history that spread and influenced other societies

Long abstract:

The 19th century colonization process strenghtened the vision of Africans and people of African descent as peripheral societies. This image survived the polarization of world power and independence struggle; that's why their history began to be presented as a simple case of neocolonialism and dependence. As a matter of fact, the emergence of postcolonial studies challenged this perspective and doubted unidirectional European influences. On the contrary, contemporaneous world appeared to be characterized by interconnections and mutual influences. Besides, the image of modern European nation as culturally homogeneous began to be questioned and depicted as a space where different histories and cultures intertwined and where minorities could not be considered as marginalized realities. Taking into account these premises, the objective of this panel is to reconstruct the impact of African history during the last hundred years inside and outside the continent, as well as the history of people of African origins that settled down in other continents as a consequence of forced or spontaneous migration.