Africa's maritime domain securitization
Prof Georg Klute
Prof Armando Marques Guedes
Start time:
29 June, 2013 at 14:30
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Short abstract:

The Panel aims to contribute to the analysis of the issues, responses, actors and institutions engaged in the international maritime governance of Africa´s maritime domain.

Long abstract:

The maritime domain is, exceptionally, transnational in scope. International relations between African littoral and non-littoral states and the rest of the world through the maritime realm are at the crossroad of dynamics and tensions between the domestic, regional, continental and global political arenas. Extra-regional, as well as regional actors intervening in African maritime spaces have multiple, and more often than not, contradictory aims. Both the regular and irregular movements (of people and goods) through African maritime spaces highlight the vital importance of maritime security-related questions in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. In this context, transnational relations comprise the relations across national borders involving at least one non-state actor and/or an actor that does not develop its activities under the aegis of a national government and/ or Inter-governmental Organization. Africa's international relations in the maritime domain are characterised by its growing militarisation which is more visible in counter-piracy efforts. This is not without consequences as a strand of the literature highlights with regard to other maritime spaces. What is without precedent is a set of experiments turning Africa's maritime domain into a laboratory both in terms of state actors and non-state actors' experiments in maritime security. The Panel welcomes papers that reflect upon the structural implications of these multipolar trends for Africa's maritime domain. The Panel aims to contribute to the broader debates on the securitization versus non-securitization of issues that pertain to Africa's maritime domain.