Seeking strategies for Africa's growth and development within a multipolar world
Sehlare Makgetlaneng (Africa Institute of South Africa)
Start time:
27 June, 2013 at 11:30
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Short abstract:

The panel contributed towards the formulation of strategies for Africa's growth and development in the 21st century. It sincerely hopes that African leaders and policymakers will implement them in advancing growth and development of the continent.

Long abstract:

The panel addresses the dynamics of African developmental challenges in an increasingly globalised world. The level of political, economic and trade relations among African countries poses enormous challenges to the imperative task of formulating, adopting and implementing initiatives conducive for the continental development and progress. Africa's continued dependence on the external actors and the effects of globalisation render African developmental framework to successfully confront African socio-political and economic problems more difficult. African developmental initiatives such as the Lagos Plan of Action and the Final Plan of Lagos have been sacrificed at the altar of political and economic expediency in the service of developmental purposes of the external actors against those of Africa. Africa is increasingly in need of genuine attempts at solving its developmental problems. There is a fundamental need for scholars to increase their contribution towards the formulation and implementation of strategies for Africa's growth and development within a multipolar world. Panel participants will critically examine multidimensional approaches and strategies that can enhance or foster growth and development in Africa in the 21st century.