Diasporas and national development in Africa
John Arthur (University of Minnesota)
Start time:
28 June, 2013 at 10:30
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Short abstract:

Africans in the diaspora play a significant role in the development of their countries.The purpose of this session is to discuss the efficacies of these projects and their role in spurring robust socioeconomic and cultural development.

Long abstract:

A critical but least understood aspect of the formation of the African diasporas in West is the role that African immigrants living abroad make to the overall development of their respective countries. A notable feature of the African diaspora is that Africa's immigrants typically do not sever ties with their respective homelands following migration. Through their remittances and formation of NGO's, these immigrants bring and transfer their human capital resources to aid in the socioeconomic and political developments of their respective nations. While the task of nation-building in postcolonial Africa is an arduous one, the contributions that African diaspora groups make cannot be ignored. African governments have come to recognize this and have started to create incentives and policies to encourage the repatriation of the assets of their citizens back home to aid in national reconstruction. The critical examination of the forms, types, and patterns of diaspora funded projects is imperative. This session will discuss African diaspora initiated projects and assess their efficiacies in development.