Hidden dimensions: demographic trends and sexual culture in contemporary Africa
Jon Abbink (ASC Leiden/ VU University Amsterdam)
Jon Abbink & Akinyinka Akinyoade
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28 June, 2013 at 10:30
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Short abstract:

The panel addresses demographic trends and sexual and reproductive culture in Africa, in need of in-depth study, especially in relation to socio-economic growth processes, resource use, cultural aspects, reproductive health and policy issues.

Long abstract:

This panel is about recent trends in demography and sexual & reproductive culture in Africa, set against historical developments, social practices and cultural ideologies. Papers will be on demography vs. socio-economic growth and resource use, on cultural norms and values around gender relations and the 'politics of gender', on reproductive health, and on policy issues raised by growth rates often considered as problematic; African population growth is very substantial and raises questions of an economic, political, ecological and social nature, both among ordinary people and in policy circles. In this panel we propose to present and analyze some recent trajectories and cases in the demographic trajectories and the sexual and reproductive cultures in Africa. The panel hosts papers on how demographic trends relate to economic growth and resource use, on what the relation is between cultural representations and ideologies on the one hand and reproductive health and gender roles on the other, and on which political and policy issues are at play in population issues in African societies as well as in 'developmentalist' approaches of both 'donor countries' and African governments. Both case studies and more general papers are welcome.