Words, arts and migration in Africa: narrative exploration
Marina Lafay (PARIS René Descartes)
Carola Mick (Université Paris 5)
Marina Lafay and Carola Mick
Cecile Canut, Professor Paris René Descartes
Start time:
28 June, 2013 at 10:30
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Short abstract:

This panel discusses the conditions of elaboration, circulation as well as contextualization of artistic forms (cinema, theatre, literature, media...) of local narratives of South-South-migration by the migrants themselves and their relatives.

Long abstract:

We invite proposals for a panel on narratives and migration in Africa for the fifth European Conference on African Studies (ECAS 5) which will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, June 26 to 28, 2013. The general theme of the conference is 'African Dynamics in a Multipolar World'. Mobility is historically tied to West-African societies ; however, the narratives about migratory processes within the « South » in Africa seem to be culturally specific. The discursive representations this mobility provokes are inscribed in specific cultural domains. This multi-disciplinary panel intends to discuss the conditions of elaboration and circulation as well as contextualization of local narratives of South-South-migration by the migrants themselves as well as their relatives. We are particularly interested in artistic elaborations of these myths, beliefs on departure, stay and return in South-South-migration in cinema, movies, theatre, literature, media (also : web), songs, dances... Which role do these creative appropriations of the narratives on South-South-migration play in with regard to social and political processes connected to mobility ? In how far do these narratives allow us to question simple economic and deterministic explanations of migration processes within the south ? *MIPRIMO is a collective and interdisciplinary project (2011-2013) about narratives and migration managed by Professor Cécile Canut (Paris René Descartes University