The African Union and the challenges of regional integration in Africa in a multipolar world
Felix Chinwe Asogwa (Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT))
Ifeanyi Odoziobodo, Dept of Political Science, Enugu State University of Science & Technology; Ifeanyi Felix Didiugwu, Department of Mass Communication, Enugu State University of Science & Technology
Start time:
27 June, 2013 at 11:30
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Short abstract:

This panel is envisioned to discuss the topic "African Union and the challenges of regional integration in Africa in a multipolar world".

Long abstract:

The demise of the bipolar world characterized by ideological rivalry of the Cold war era gave rise to the contemporary multipolar world. Multipolarity has thrown up new centers of power and new challenges in regional leadership especially in Africa.A remarkable feature of the present world arrangement, therefore, is the increasing emphasis in regionalism, hence regional integration is perceived as a panacea for tackling regional challenges. The emergence of the African Union as a replacement for the Organization of African Unity (OAU), was premised on the felt need for stronger regional integration in Africa. This is especially against the background of the effective regional integration efforts in the other continents of the world especially Europe. But the African region faces peculiar regional integration challenges on account of the pervasive nature of poverty, conflicts, political instability, etc. The AU as the leading regional organization in Africa is entrusted with the task of overcoming these challenges and ensuring sustainable regional integration project in Africa. Against this backdrop, this Panel will focus attention on African Union and the efforts to tackle the numerous challenges facing the continent in its quest for sustainable development.The Panel will consider such topics and other related issues like: (1) African Union and Common Market Strategies in Africa (2) African Union and Conflict Management Strategies in Africa (3) NEPAD and Socio-Economic Development in Africa (4) Repositioning African Union for an enhanced role in the African Sub-region