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Disasters and participation: inventive/disruptive encounters 
Maggie Mort (Lancaster University)
Israel Rodriguez-Giralt (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)
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Encounters between people, things and environments
Faraday Lecture Theatre (Faraday Complex)
Start time:
25 July, 2018 at
Time zone: Europe/London
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Short Abstract:

The fields of disaster management/risk reduction value participation highly. However, as complex entanglements of social, cultural & material dimensions, disasters may also challenge, contest or redefine the idea of participation. We will focus on the recursive, inventive & sometimes disruptive, interactions between disaster & participation.

Long Abstract:

Disaster management and risk reduction (DRR) fields widely acknowledge the importance of participation. Practices include incorporating lay knowledge, citizen consultations, local action for effective risk management, community-based DRR, etc. From the Yokohama Strategy/ Plan of Action to the Hyogo and Sendai Frameworks, we see a shift from top-down technocratic approaches to ones where bottom-up, grassroots, local and community knowledge and actors play out (including the growing focus on social differences in vulnerability and how these might be addressed with/through participation). This panel aims to explore empirically and critically the growing forms of, and extents of this participatory turn; its achievements, contestations and implications for disaster management.

We also invite papers interested in studying disasters as complex entanglements of social, cultural, political, but also often recalcitrant material dimensions (often distributed along disparate scales). What happens when we try to engage with geological processes, new climate or wildfire patterns? How to analyse and construct methodological and political interventions for participating with non-conventional ‘voices’ and ‘agencies’? Are disasters as complex and hybrid entanglements affecting, contesting or redefining the very idea of participation? Do disasters enhance new forms of political practices and imagination?

The panel aims to focus on the recursive, inventive, and sometimes disruptive, interactions between disaster and participation.

Accepted papers:

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