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Teaching STS in an age of post-truth. Sharing challenges, approaches and experiences 
Jessica Mesman (Maastricht University)
Geert Somsen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Pablo Schyfter (The University of Edinburgh)
Maximilian Fochler (University of Vienna)
Sofia Bento (University of Lisbon)
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FASS Building Meeting Room 1
Start time:
27 July, 2018 at
Time zone: Europe/London
Session slots:

Short Abstract:

First, a panel of papers and second, an open roundtable in which those engaged in STS-teaching share their experiences on how to address the challenges posed by an age of post-truth. Contributions can reflect educational challenges, be on applicable teaching or on intervention-oriented teaching.

Long Abstract:

"Post-truth" has become a shorthand denoting changes in the perception and authority of both scientific knowledge and techno-science as institution in contemporary public debates. The last year has seen debates how STS relates to this shift, and what it means for its normative and epistemic agenda.

Teaching STS has not been a topic in these debates yet. However, there is hardly any context in which STSers are confronted with new societal sensibilities about techno-science as directly as in students' questions and concerns. Moreover, which differences STS-knowledge and STS-professionals' work can make in the world is a crucial question in designing STS-pedagogy.

We aim at creating a space in which those engaged in STS-teaching can share their experiences to how to productively address the challenges posed by an age of post-truth. It combines two elements: a panel of papers and a special workshop.

In the first session, the presentations reflect the challenges and opportunities of post-truth for STS-teaching. The presentations are are based on actual teaching formats and address intervention-oriented teaching engaging with real-world problems and actors. Experimental formats are welcome.

In the following session, the special workshop will build on the presentations and feature the STS-audience responsible for teaching programs as discussants in an open roundtable. We will discuss challenges and opportunities of post-truth dynamics for building STS-teaching. Depending on the number of colleagues in the room, we will have multiple tables, with no distinction between presenters and audience. No pre-registration needed.

Accepted papers:

Session 1