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Accepted Paper:

Public Network of Digital Fabrication Laboratory of São Paulo City  
Artur Vasconcelos Cordeiro (Universidade de São Paulo) Juliana Silva (São Paulo City Hall)

Paper short abstract:

This work presents the creation of the Public Network of Digital Fabrication Laboratory of São Paulo - Fab Lab Livre SP. It investigates the potential of twelve laboratories for the cultural, technological and economical development of the local communities and also in the city scale.

Paper long abstract:

In 2015 the City Hall of São Paulo created the public network Fab Lab Livre SP with twelve laboratories of digital fabrication. The laboratories are strategically located in São Paulo, allowing people of different regions to have free access to digital technologies and knowledge to develop and build objects. The laboratories Fab Lab Livre SP are placed in cultural and educational centers, bringing the culture of digital manufacturing and design processes for local communities. The Fab Lab Livre SP are provided with 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, CNC milling machines, computers with open source software for digital drawing, electronics and robotics equipments, and carpentry and mechanical tools. The laboratories have a dynamic team that encourages learning and creativity through making, with regular courses and guiding development projects. This paper aims to demonstrate the importance of the network Fab Lab Livre SP as public policy, investigating how the democratization of access to digital fabrication enables the creation of opportunities that benefit the community and the individual, as well as new professional perspectives. In this context, it analyzes the potential of digital manufacturing environment in the education field, relating technology with educational practices. It performs a reflection about the shared knowledge applied to creativity and making as a mechanism of empowerment and strengthening community ties.

Panel T107
Maker Movement, FabLabs, Hackerspace and improvisation: Science, Technology and Education by other means?
  Session 1 Saturday 3 September, 2016, -