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Accepted Paper:

LudoMaker : How to Equip Creativity Through the Making of Games  
Vinciane Zabban (Experice - Université Sorbonne Paris Nord) Vincent Berry (University Paris 13) Nicolas PIÑEROS (Université Paris 13)

Paper short abstract:

Fablabs are developing in many contexts, and the way they are designed to equip creative process varies greatly. In this talk, we propose a reflexive analysis of a Fablab project hosted by the department of Education Sciences at a French University, and dedicated to the creation of games.

Paper long abstract:

Fablabs are developing in a large variety of contexts, including education. Most of them are built on the idea that autonomous creative activities may have individual and collective benefits in contemporaneous societies. However, depending on their context and orientation, the way they are designed to equip creative processes vary greatly. We are presenting the project of a Fablab dedicated to the creation of games. It is embedded in Paris North University's department of Education Sciences. Ludomaker was founded in 2015 and is currently in development.

Playing is one of the most common expressions of creativity. It has been defined as a "world building" activity, since it relies on the creation of alternative frames of meanings to objects and actions (Goffman, 1961). Games may then be considered as sociotechnical devices that are conceived to encourage situated learning and creativity through fun.

Ludomaker is linked to the Experice Laboratory where researches are carried out on the informal occasions of learning. It aims at providing space and tools for the creation and experience of games in an educational context. By focusing on the specific constraints of the project, we present a reflexive approach of the design and development of this space. We ground this analysis on the observation of how students seize Ludomaker and carry out game designs

Panel T107
Maker Movement, FabLabs, Hackerspace and improvisation: Science, Technology and Education by other means?
  Session 1 Saturday 3 September, 2016, -