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Accepted Paper:

æther, the O2 apparatus  
Alfonso Borragan Blanca Pujals (Etsab and Independent Studies Program (Macba Museum, Bcn))

Paper short abstract:

æther will explore physical and oral contamination through air as form-of-life. Moreover, the project explores systems of actans (B. Latour) connected through breath. It will bring together philosophy and political theory (immunity), architecture and social, poetic and performative space.

Paper long abstract:

æther will explore contamination as form-of-life. Moreover, the project explores systems of actans and hybrids (B. Latour) connected through breath. Air is a habitat in its own right. Its territoriality is indeterminate and vulnerable.

æther is the seed of a project initiated on 2012 based on the idea to create a temporary community through air.

It is a project that activates and analyses the "immunity" of a community through the fact of breathing, manifesting and enhancing the contamination that continually occurs between bodies:

"I breathe in what you breathe out".

æther is the vacuum that fills everything. For Foucault, knowledge emerges in the interstitial clash between objects.

The invisibility of the vacuum that fills the space and the gases ingested lead to the creation of a community through contamination.

The space becomes filled through the breathing.

Contamination between the space and the community is unavoidable. Immunity, as a defence of one's own and one's private sphere becomes nullified.

Breath escapes all control. We cannot be immune.

The limits dissolve giving themselves over to a never-ending reciprocity. It is cyclic circuit that profane the bodies and the space by its mislocation. This inter-action becomes an invisible re-appropriation through breathing.

'In a symbiotic process the air captures the community. With each breath the space shudders and evolves together. The organs explore the space like receptors, and at the same time, the space takes control of itself to become seen by the group as an autonomous yet dependent entity'

Panel T083
Doing theory by other means: how does architectural production challenge STS and ANT
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