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Extending conceptualizations and technologies of knowledge translation in health care 
Ida Lillehagen (University of Oslo)
Sietse Wieringa
Kristin Heggen (University of Oslo)
Eivind Engebretsen (University of Oslo)
John Ødemark (UiO)
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Thursday 1 September, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid

Short Abstract:

We are witnessing "a turn away from translation" within health care that is driving new ideas and methods to extend our means to 'close the gap' between science and clinical use. This session will explore the future of 'knowledge translations' as a concept and practice within health care.

Long Abstract:

A range of approaches have been assembled under the heading of "translation" in current human- and natural sciences. Not least, STS have made influential contributions to practices and conceptualizations of translation

Translations have also become institutionalized within health care with the development of translational research and knowledge translation (KT); a movement that encompasses a range of research and disseminations activities with the common goal of putting research based knowledge into practice. This involves for instance a growing production and use of technologies which synthesize and tailor knowledge to targeted groups of practitioners and patients.

Moreover, purported knowledge democratization leads ideally to new practices of dialogue and participation that are rearranging the hierarchies of medical knowledge and expertise. Within traditional arenas of health care research and practice, but also in new arenas on and off line, researchers, practitioners, policy makers and users are establishing new constellations.

However, the field of knowledge translations are facing growing criticism, especially related to limited theorisation of the conceptualisation, construction and practice of knowledge. Looking at these new developments: where is KT heading? What's next?

Three papers will be presented with a 15 minutes introduction each, before the participants are invited to a structured discussion about the theoretical underpinnings and practices of health care knowledge creation in a time of evidence basing, translation and participation.


1. The theoretical underpinnings of medical knowledge translation in relation to construal of translation in STS and the humanities.

2. Philosophical assumptions underlying EBM knowledge creation: reasoning, interpretation and 'mindlines'.

3. Translation and co-creation of knowledge in participatory research

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Thursday 1 September, 2016, -