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Unravelling craft, technology and practical knowledge 
Anna Harris (Maastricht University)
Ruth Benschop (Zuyd University of Applied Sciences)
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Heather Paxson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Saturday 3 September, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid

Short Abstract:

This hands-on session addresses the re-conceptualisation of craft practices in contemporary life. Through creative contributions bringing together craftspeople/practitioners/artists and academics it will explore intersections of craft and thought, making and knowing, tradition and innovation.

Long Abstract:

Craftwork has long been synonymous with handmade, bodily engagements with tools and materials. New technologies are currently reconfiguring craftwork in unexpected ways, and these emerging craft-technology practices are opening up domains for generative material thinking and sensory practical knowledge. This intersection of craft and thought, making and knowing, tradition and innovation is the focus of this session.

This panel invites creative contributions that engage with the re-conceptualisation, re-invention and re-enactment of craft practices in contemporary life, using a broad definition of craft. We specifically call for reflexive collaborative work that brings craftspeople/practitioners/artists and academics/theorists together in dialogue, not necessarily only verbally.

Topics addressed might include:

• Alternative sites of craft and knowledge production such as the maker movement, fablabs and artistic research

• Intersections between craft and knowledge economy, in particular cases such as the textile industry

• Cases of sensory knowledge as shaped by/through technologies

• Changing notions of skilled work and craftsmanship in professional and artistic fields such as architecture, design, medicine and engineering

There are increasingly more hybrid, wild research practices reimagining ways of making, thinking and researching. We encourage contributions that utilise innovative methodologies - ethnographic experiments, re-enactments, artistic research or multimodal/multisensory design for example - to address shifts from method to craft. In keeping with this approach, the panel invites contributions that not only reflect on craft practices but also illustrate them with and for participants in a "hands-on" style. To the audience we encourage thinking along, and yes, bring along your knitting!


Accepted papers:

Session 1 Saturday 3 September, 2016, -