STS intervention in methods of psychology 
Estrid Sørensen (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
Lotte Huniche (University of Southern Denmark)
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Economy 24 a
Friday 19 September, 10:30-12:15 (UTC+0)

Long Abstract

The session discusses how to contribute to change or improve psychological research methods without taking the stance of the well-known distanced critique that the methods of mainstream academic psychology fail to account for subject's perspectives, power asymmetries etc. Instead the speakers attempt to apply the lessons of post-colonial STS to think about psychology's methods from the perspective of the research object, or from the point of view of the matter of concern of psychological research. The papers engage with psychology's method not with the aim of deconstructing them (even if deconstruction may be a necessary step in the engagement), but more to think methods normatively, taking upon ourselves to engage with these methods, with the discipline and community of psychology. This may imply taking into account various aspects, such as the structure and constitution of the discipline and profession. The current moment for discussing psychology's methods is particularly interesting. As a result of the revealing of various fraud casses psychologists throughout the Euro-American world intensively discuss and re-consider their methods and what they call their 'scientific culture'. From an STS perspective, informed by various studies on replication, the social construction of science etc. psychology's current suggestions seem systematically to miss the point. But how, then, would it be possible to hit the point? This is the main question to be discussed in the session, on the background of empirical presentations relating to the current debates and practices of academic psychology.

The papers will be presented in the order shown and within one session

Accepted papers: