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Traditional Open Panel

A Traditional Open Panel is composed of typical academic paper presentations, possibly followed by reflections by a discussant.

Combined Format Open Panel

A Combined Format Open Panel can include academic paper presentations, while also welcoming experimental formats of knowledge expression, such as dialogue sessions, theatre experiments, workshops etc.


here a group of scholars (usually no more than five) discusses themes/issues of general scholarly interest in front of (and subsequently with) an audience for the duration of a single 90-minute session. While a roundtable can include short (5-10 minute) contributions, the aim is to create a lively debate rather than focus on any one presenter. Please list/name roundtable contributors in your long abstract.


Conceptualised as practical events containing collective research activities, guided interactions and free-format exchanges leading to specific public outputs. A workshop may have up to two 90-minute sessions (due to high attendance and capacity restrictions, we may need to reduce this number to one session). Proposals must list the practical requirements of the workshop at the end of the long abstract: specifications for required space, materials, maximum number of participants etc.

Closed Panel

A closed panel is a pre-organised panel with invited presenters. A closed panel needs to be restricted to a single 90-minute session and is expected to contain 4-5 paper abstracts.

Author Meets Critics

Making & Doing