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Accepted Paper:

Robots in care: implications for quality care and socio-ethical concerns  
Giulia De Togni (The University of Edinburgh)

Short abstract:

This presentation explores care robots' impact on caregiving through focusing on HRI research. It discusses integration challenges in diverse cultural contexts, drawing from a 14-month study in Japan and the UK. It emphasizes user perspectives and advocates for inclusive tech design.

Long abstract:

This talk examines the potential transformative effects of Socially Assistive Robots (SARs) on caregiving practices, with a focus on the crucial role of Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) research. It delves into the hurdles and ethical dilemmas surrounding the integration of SARs into daily life across different cultural contexts. Drawing from qualitative analysis of data gathered during a 14-month ethnographic study conducted in Japan and the UK from 2022 to 2023, the presentation includes observations in robotics labs and assisted living facilities, as well as qualitative interviews with 80 participants, including roboticists, caregivers, and care recipients. It highlights the importance of understanding and adapting to different interpretations of "quality care" in various cultural settings and examines how SARs could contribute to delivering such care. However, it also raises concerns about the potential risks and ethical challenges associated with these technologies, such as explainability, accessibility, safety, dignity, and privacy. Finally, it addresses issues that arise when end-users' perspectives (caregivers and care recipients) regarding the functionalities of SARs are not adequately considered. The talk introduces the concept of "lay experts" to acknowledge users' unique and valuable insights, often overlooked by roboticists. Ultimately, it advocates for integrating user perspectives into the design and implementation of the technology, emphasizing the need for more inclusive and equitable innovation approaches.

Traditional Open Panel P160
Entanglements of STS and bioethics: new approaches to the governance of artificial intelligence and robotics for health
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