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Knowledges of ecology and ecologies of knowledge 
Luisa Cortesi (International Institute of Social Studies)
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Combined Format Open Panel

Short Abstract:

The operation of intersecting and multiplying knowledge/s and ecology/ies is a provocation aimed at thinking about and with ways of understanding and systematizing but also limiting and delimiting both nature and knowledge.

Long Abstract:

Ecologies and Knowledges, considered separate entities, hold more in common than is commonly held. At the same time objects and ways of thinking about them at different meta levels, both nature and knowledge are processes of classification and validation, understanding and systematizing, but also of disbarring, ostracizing, and failing. How do these two conceptual devices operate individually and vis-à-vis each other? What are the overlaps and potentials for inversion? For example, how is nature framed and understood when we talk about knowing it? And vice versa, which casts and matrixes does ecological thinking enable in the concept of knowledge?

Combine knowledge(s) and ecology/ies, and one obtains conceptual intersections and subsections as well as multiplications and powers of. Knowledge is itself an ecology, and ecology as well as nature are specific knowledges. So, which interdependencies of relationships and relationships of interdependence may their articulations open possibilities for? Or, which disruption of chains or chains of disruption do their different junctures bring about? For example, what happens if we focus on the complexities and ambiguities of what we, broadly intended, are as ecological knowers?

This proposal of epistemological provocations embraces both their ludic potential and the ripples of weighty consequences. This panel is welcoming any (and encouraging creative) presentation forms.

Accepted contributions:

Session 1
Session 2