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How foresight, imagination and innovation studies contribute to transformation – in search for theory and methods 
Susanne Giesecke (Austrian Institute of Technology)
Renata Mandzhieva (Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT))
Masafumi Nishi (AIT, Austrian Institute of Technology)
Dana Wasserbacher (Austrian Institute of Technology)
Alexandra Csabi (Austrian Institute of Technology)
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Attila Havas (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology)
Masafumi Nishi (AIT, Austrian Institute of Technology)
Michael Bernstein (AIT, Austrian Institute of Technology, GmbH)
Alexandra Csabi (Austrian Institute of Technology)
Wenzel Mehnert (Technische Universität Berlin)
Traditional Open Panel

Short Abstract:

The panel is dedicated to discuss how Foresight, Imagination and Innovation Studies can contribute to the social, ecological, economic and political transformation to reach the ambitions EU goals of a green, digital and just society, and similar goals on the global scale as the SDGs and the COP21.

Long Abstract:

Innovation theory has undergone some significant and vibrantly debated changes over the last 40 years. Starting with the analysis of national support for Reseach and Development and their contribution for national growth, it has moved on to concept of national innovation system and finally committed itself to the question how innovation system can foster socio-technical system change. We see a close link between innovation theory on the one hand and foresight and imagination for innovation and technology policy on the other hand. While the former focusses on analytical aspects, the latter focus on aspects of multiple futures. The sessions of this panel invite participants to study the interconnections between the analytical and the prospective sides in the context of the grand societal challenges as part of the current EU policies and activities.

The European Commission pursues ambitious goals with the green, digital and fair transition until 2050 together with the UN sustainable Development Goals and the COP 2021 targets. How can foresight, imagination and innovation studies contribute to societal, ecological, economic, and political transformation?

We propose two sessions of which one will be committed to theoretical aspects of the study complex. The second session will focus on methods and possible practice examples. Of special interest are approaches that embrace the active participation of civil society, stimulate the mutual exchange of ideas and perspectives, and the agency of citizens in foresight studies and innovation theory. Studies on how to define transformative targets, ways to pursue them and measurements of success would enrich the discussions.

Contributions are not limited to the EU or Europe. We are open for new ideas from other parts of the world.

We welcome scholars from the field of technology assessment, foresight, future studies, heterodox economics, social studies of technology, alternatives to capitalism, and other interdisciplinary approaches.

Accepted papers: