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Following 'colonial commodities' - relationalities and reconfiguring knowledges 
Christine Hanke (University of Bayreuth)
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Combined Format Open Panel

Short Abstract:

The panel discusses relationalities of European colonialism, industrialization, infrastructures and media since the 19th century by following exemplary objects/substances/things. Decolonizing, antiracist, queer feminist reflections aim at epistemic transformations of knowledges in the Global North.

Long Abstract:

This panel focuses on the relationalities of European colonialism, industrialization, infrastructures and media since the 19th century. It will ask for the deep intertwining of European industrialization and colonialism, involving steam factories and plantation economies, new infrastructures of transport and communication, tropical hygiene and public health, botanical gardens and mass media entertainment – to mention just a few. We will investigate these relationalities through case studies that follow specific objects/substances/things and their multimodal appearances – for example on cocoa/chocolate, cinchona/quinine/Gin&Tonic, caoutchouc/rubber.

Research into these relationalities and their colonial legacies needs to reflect its methodologies and epistemic frameworks: How can colonial, industrial, infrastructural and medial entanglements be described, narrated, visualized, showed, spelled out, analysed, resisted, unsettled in decolonial and power critical ways? How do these entanglements affect and transform our theoretical and methodological frameworks, how do we as researchers take on accountability of our own positionality in this kind of research? And how do familiar epistemic frameworks need to be questioned and transformed? The panel invites case studies in multiple formats that reflect on their own theoretical and methodological framework in decolonizing, antiracist, queer feminist ways.

Formats can range from classic paper presentations to experimental audiovisual and performative interventions that follow an object/substance/thing.

This panel invites for a combined format of presentations and workshop discussion of possibilities to reconfigure and transform knowledges and disciplines of/in the Global North.

Accepted contributions:

Session 1