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Making samples, doing science: transforming data and matter across landscapes and labscapes 
Victor Secco (Ca' Foscari University of Venice)
Valentina Marcheselli (Cà Foscari - University of Venice)
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Traditional Open Panel

Short Abstract:

This panel focuses on sampling practices as a central but often overlooked stage of scientific research. We aim to explore the intersections between the generation of abstractable data, and the situated and embodied dimension of science in-the-making.

Long Abstract:

Sampling practices are central to data generation across various scientific disciplines. It is a pivotal step that underpins the possibility and production of data, influencing how data is generated, compared and extrapolated. While there has been an increased focus around the digitalised and refined aspects of data, the practices, logics, and technologies of sampling have received less attention. Can a focus on sampling bring into view the transformations of data and matter that are relevant to understand the contemporary making and doings of science?

This panel aims to address this gap by bringing together a diverse range of approaches to sampling practices within STS. We invite contributions that delve into both ethnographic and theoretical perspectives on sampling, offering the opportunity to explore themes such as:

- how sampling practices shape understandings of ecosystems and environments;

- local sampling and planetary thinking;

- sampling, extractivist economies and natural resources exploitation;

- the complexities of medical sample collection, from the intricacies of clinical trials to the ethical considerations surrounding human specimen collection;

- the porous boundaries of the lab;

- sampling as embodied practice;

- the mutual shaping of sensory experience, knowledge making practices and technology in use;

- interdisciplinary collaborations built around fieldwork and sample collection processes;

- sample collection and citizen science;

- the role of the STS researcher in sampling practices;

- metaphors, narratives and discourses of sampling practices;

- ethical questions raised by practices of sample collection and the future uses of data.

Accepted papers: