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Transforming STS via #WeDoSTS 
Claudia Gertraud Schwarz (Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences)
Lee Vinsel (Virginia Tech)
Julie Sascia Mewes (Museum für Naturkunde Berlin)
Ingmar Lippert (Goethe University Frankfurt)
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Combined Format Open Panel

Short Abstract:

The label #WeDoSTS stands for transformative ways of embodying radical reflexivity and scientific integrity in STS, so that everyone can flourish in our field. This panel welcomes contributions and activities that study and/or situate themselves within the ongoing #WeDoSTS movement.

Long Abstract:

When the debate around #MeTooSTS/#WeDoSTS broke through the veil of silence via social media in November 2022, it could no longer be denied: STS, just as society at large, is in urgent need of transformation to become livable for all its members. The #WeDoSTS label serves as a continuous call for innovative enactments of radical reflexivity and scientific integrity that are committed to doing STS accountably. #WeDoSTS is designed to move from reports of isolated cases of sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, and abuses of power into concrete political and institutional reform to ensure lasting societal transformations.

This panel is about finding out more about the multiple “we’s” and practices in #WeDoSTS and similar movements: who are we, what do we care about, how do we embody the change we wish to see, and how can we align our visions and actions towards building a better STS for ourselves and the ones to come?

We look forward to contributions and activities that feel in kinship with or as part of the #WeDoSTS movement. These could be coming from, amongst others, STS associations working on codes of conduct and best practices, self-organized student groups changing the culture in STS departments, or survivor-led restorative/transformative justice processes to repair interpersonal harm in our community. The panel is equally open to scholarship on #WeDoSTS and similar movements. We invite contributors to explore how intersecting identities shape our narratives, struggles, and strategies for societal transformations. We particularly welcome experiential and reflexive methodologies in collective social science research as well as experimental formats that draw on genre-defying, artistic, or even bizarre means to engender positive change. We are committed (and you can hold us accountable) to create an open and safe space for courageous sharing of survivor stories, on-site activism, and unexpected expressions.

Accepted contributions: