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Issues of scale: the global and the local in health research projects with a worldwide context 
Javier Guerrero-C (Universidad de los Andes)
Natalia Nino (Universidad de los Andes)
Catalina González-Uribe (Universidad de los Andes)
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Traditional Open Panel

Short Abstract:

The idea of the ‘worldwide context’ is evermore present in the discourse of health funding agencies. How can STS help to make sense of issues of scale in relation to ‘global’ or ‘worldwide’ research projects? How are global reach and local implementation negotiated in practice?

Long Abstract:

The idea of the ‘worldwide context’ is evermore present in the discourse of health funding agencies. Concepts such as Global Health or One Health are mobilized by international agencies and funding agencies in describing problems and solutions related to the health issues they aim to address. Such concepts and ideas are common in areas such as pandemic preparedness, digital health, and the health consequences of climate change. Such discourses create expectations at different levels (Borup, et. al,. 2006) about the results. Nevertheless, such projects require local implementations and have goals aiming to provide solutions at a local level, whereas in communities, regions, or countries. And they are often carried out with the participation of multicountry research partnerships. STS has preoccupied and developed conceptual frameworks to understand the global circulation of cultures, ideas, and objects about Science and Technology (i.e. Mol (1994), Tsing (2000), Pfotenhauer & Jasanoff (2017)), but at the same time understand that science and technology are intimately local. In this panel, we expect to receive proposals exploring the concept of scale in 'global health projects'. We aim both at reflexive exercises of researchers working on such projects, and we look forward to animating the discussion of how they make sense of “worldwide context”? What are researchers’ understandings of the global in worldwide agendas, but also to animate a discussion in relation to questions such as how are funding agendas shaping global and local ideas in health research? What is the meaning of a “global initiative in health”? What kind of tensions are between the local and global in global health projects?

Accepted papers:

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