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Collective infrastructures 
George Simms (University of Plymouth)
Batool Desouky (University of the Arts London)
Katie Tindle (Goldsmiths, UoL)
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George Simms (University of Plymouth)
Batool Desouky (University of the Arts London)
Katie Tindle (Goldsmiths, UoL)
Combined Format Open Panel

Short Abstract:

Digital infrastructures that are characterised by the "cloud", are dominated by extractive corporations controlling our means of collaboration. We look to how collectives and communities are making transformations in infrastructures as system admins, forming protocols and ways of doing otherwise.

Long Abstract:

This combined panel aims to bring together voices as well as skills to develop an understanding of how we can work through digital infrastructures otherwise. Many institutional digital infrastructures as well as ones in the public realm are owned/controlled by for profit corporations, with their modes of profit coming from extractive approaches (Aouragh et al., 2020). This configuration of sociotechnical infrastructures forms tools and systems that work through prescriptive and exploitative dynamics. To explore how digital infrastructures can be done otherwise, we call on the experiences, knowledges and imaginaries of different communities and collectives, such as the likes of ATNOFS (Wynsberghe et al., 2022), to see how they understand and form their own situated digital community infrastructures.

It will hold a:

- Panel looking to explore the many voices within collective infrastructures and see why and how they exist. This will focus on the conceptual frameworks, protocols and configurations these organisations manifest themselves through, to show the variety and nuance that exists in situated collective digital infrastructures.

- A skill's share workshop on how to set up/work with a server on a Raspberry Pi, collectively doing it through a terminal session on a local Wi-Fi network. It will be a quick intro into how these spaces operate, and the basic skills needed to work there collectively. This workshop was developed between In-grid collective, CCI and CSNI, as well as Varia and Systerserver.

- This same server from the workshop will also be an ambient place of discussion during the conference. You will be able to connect up to its local Wi-Fi and visit a forum/discussion with exercises and questions poised as places to initiate discussions, and evolve a dialogue in a longer time span that enables reflection, contemplation and sharing resources.

Formats: Papers for panels, dialogue sessions for the server

Accepted contributions:

Session 1