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Economization, marketization and emerging technologies: valuations, reconfigurations, contexts 
Dan Santos (Australian National University)
Angus Dowell (The University of Auckland)
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Traditional Open Panel

Short Abstract:

This panel invites research that examines processes of economization and marketization with respect to emerging technologies. Papers will explore how these technologies are framed and valued, how economic forms are being (re)configured, in relation to non-economic factors and in different contexts.

Long Abstract:

We are in the midst of a period of rapid technological development. There are now emerging technologies in multiple domains, including digital technologies (e.g. cloud computing, artificial intelligence) and biotechnologies (e.g. synthetic biology, CRISPR-based genetic engineering). These technologies present issues about how they should be effectively and equitably governed. Here, economic factors and forms are critical to consider, as these shape dynamics around innovation, distribution, and access to these technologies. This foregrounds the importance of analyzing processes of economization, and often, marketization (Çalışkan and Callon 2010; Callon 2021), including how these technologies are developed, valued, and configured in relation to particular economic forms (e.g. markets).

This open panel invites research that explores and examines processes of economization and marketization with respect to emerging technologies. We are interested in papers that consider :

- What techno-economic assumptions inform the development of these technologies (Birch 2017)? How are dimensions of emerging technologies framed and valu(at)ed as ‘economic’?

- How are existing economic forms/orders being reconfigured through these technologies, and what new economic forms/orders are being developed and experimented with (e.g. Asdal and Cointe 2021)?

- How are boundaries being drawn between the economic and other orders (social, political, legal, ethical), and how are these boundaries being consolidated and/or contested by various social actors and groups (e.g. through standards, rules, regulations)?

- How do these processes and dynamics vary across different contexts and in different places (e.g. Berndt and Boeckler 2011; Berndt, Peck, and Rantisi 2020)?

Overall, we are interested in developing a comparative and critical picture of emerging technologies and processes of economization/marketization, in order to interrogate the economic conditions, practices and devices that shape their emergence and imagine more desirable economic configurations, trajectories and futures for these emerging technologies.

Accepted papers: