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Doing diversity: difference, equity and inclusion in biomedical research 
Eva Vernooij (Utrecht University)
Giulia Sinatti (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
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Eva Vernooij (Utrecht University)
Giulia Sinatti (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Catherine Montgomery (University of Edinburgh)
Traditional Open Panel
Tuesday 16 July, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Amsterdam
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Short Abstract:

This panel invites submissions on matters of diversity, equity and inclusion in biomedical research. We particularly welcome ethnographic research that explores the ‘making and doing’ of diversity in practice, and transformations this produces for researchers, institutions and other stakeholders.

Long Abstract:

Diversity, equity and inclusion are now widely used terms in the world of biomedical research. Funding agencies and research institutions are increasingly requiring the inclusion of underrepresented individuals in biomedical research, emphasizing diversity across various dimensions, including race, ethnicity, healthcare access, income or socioeconomic status, and age. In this panel we wish to explore what ‘doing diversity’ entails in practice for those involved in biomedical research. We seek to engage with interdisciplinary scholarship from Science and Technology Studies, Critical Global Health and Decolonial and Feminist thought, to unpack how diversity is constructed, enacted, and practiced throughout the various stages of biomedical research (fundamental, translational and clinical research). Submissions exploring how diversity matters, or comes to matter, in biomedical research may address one of the following areas:

Operationalizing Diversity: How is diversity translated into action within the context of fundamental and translational research? How is it incorporated in clinical trial settings? And how does ethnography contribute to understanding the broader social, medical, ethical and political consequences of operationalization choices?

Diversity in Global Health Collaborations: Investigating the intersection of diversity and global health collaborations, how does doing diversity manifest in (transnational) biomedical research collaborations? What are the practical and political implications of different forms of collaboration? What can we learn from understanding ethnographically the lived experiences of collaborating parties?

Institutionalizing Diversity: Efforts to institutionalize concepts like diversity, equity and inclusion have implications for multiple stakeholders in the broader biomedical research landscape. What are these implications for research participants, medical researchers, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies? How can ethnography help hold together the experiences and practices of such diverse stakeholders?

With the questions above as our compass, we invite scholars to contribute their insights, fostering an ethnographically rooted understanding of the relational dynamics that surround ‘doing diversity’ in biomedical research.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Tuesday 16 July, 2024, -
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