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The makings and doings of food ways in STS research: cooking, tasting, speculating with care 
Alexandra Endaltseva (CNRS)
Michael Guggenheim (Goldsmiths, University of London)
Asaf Bachrach (CNRS)
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Jan-Peter Voß (RWTH Aachen University)
Combined Format Open Panel

Short Abstract:

How to care for sustainable eating in STS research? How to know with senses, affects, food work, and transformations that an eating body contains? This is an invitation to collectively investigate these questions by cooking, eating, and relating our experiences.

Long Abstract:

While food and eating are in need of systemic, and lasting changes (1), the dominant models of food transition are based on moral control and expertise-driven regulation, dissociated from the eaters’ sensory-affective knowledge, bodies, and reflexivity (2,3). This panel approaches eating as a collective and care-full meaning-making practice where minds, bodies, societies, and environments co-transform (4,5). We propose to explore how STS research can care for eating bodies when tackling food transition. We invite participants to share stories and analyses of engagements with food, bringing forth sensorial perceptions (taste, vision, haptics, synesthetic, etc), relational embeddings (in situations, broader material-semiotic arrangements and orders), diverse evaluations (delight, disgust, and more), labor, and care. The submissions can take the form of ethnographies, analytical observations, methodological reflections, presented as stories, dances, images, or multi-sensorial experiences. The panel will be composed of two sessions. First, we will cook a collective meal, guided by a score. The dishes, created in small groups using ingredients and utensils brought by the participants, will embody our different concerns. We will share this meal at the lunch break. During the second session, we will go deeper into the respective engagements in the form of speculative cartography of food transition, supported by images, accounts, and/or multi-sensorial stories from our research.

1.Spaargaren, G., Oosterveer, P.& Loeber, A. (E.) (2012). Food Practices in Transition: Changing Food Consumption, Retail and Production in the Age of Reflexive Modernity.

2.Mol, A. (2013). Mind your plate! The ontonorms of Dutch dieting. Social Studies of Science, 43(3).

3.Voß, J., & Guggenheim, M. (2019). Making Taste Public: Industrialized Orders of Sensing and the Democratic Potential of Experimental Eating. Politics and Governance, 7(4).

4.Mol, A. (2021) Eating in theory.

5.Abbots, E.-J., Lavis, A., & Attala, L. (E.). (2015). Careful eating : Bodies, food and care.

Accepted contributions: