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Transforming the study of cancer 
Violeta Argudo-Portal (Universitat de Barcelona)
Masha Denisova (Maastricht University)
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Combined Format Open Panel

Short Abstract:

This panel seeks to make explicit the contributions of STS to the study of cancer. We invite empirical and theoretical contributions that revolve around the study of cancer. Works exploring carcinogenic leaks, cancer politics, and epistemic absences are particularly welcome.

Long Abstract:

The study of cancer has gathered an extensive community of scholars in the social sciences and humanities, providing a more dense, heterogeneous, and diverse approach to this disease multiple. Science and technology scholars have taken an important role in this task by examining how knowledge about cancer is produced and with what consequences for researchers, practitioners, and patients. In this panel, we seek to make explicit the contributions of STS tools and sensibilities to the cancer study. STS toolkit becomes particularly helpful in discerning what logics, interests, and imaginaries are at play in the cancer research and care arena. The ever-increasing influence of pharmaceutical companies and investments in heavily technocratic forms of cancer care transform not only the forms of cancer diagnostics and treatment but also the experiences of those living with the disease. The growing attention to cell biology research and individualization of risk makes cancer research shift further from identifying other aetiologies of cancer, such as environmental and ecological links. These transformations collectively shape how cancer is known and lived with. For this panel, we invite empirical and theoretical submissions that revolve around the study of cancer, ranging from attention to high-tech technological and pharmaceutical endeavors to different forms of crafting care, knowledge, treatments, infrastructures, and knowledge. Works exploring carcinogenic leaks, cancer politics, and epistemic absences are particularly welcome.

The panel is convened by the Political Stakes of Cancer Network, an international group of social sciences and humanities scholars studying science, society, and power relationships in cancer across the globe. The panel will follow a combined format, including sessions with conventional paper presentations and an experimental session for which we encourage submissions based on multimodal materials (illustrations, short films, visual essays, experimental data visualizations, and more).

Accepted contributions:

Session 1
Session 2