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Data on the move: the politics of cross-border health data infrastructures 
Luca Marelli (University of Milan)
Klaus Hoeyer (University of Copenhagen)
Tamar Sharon (Radboud University)
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Traditional Open Panel

Short Abstract:

This panel focuses on the imaginaries and socio-political dynamics accompanying the establishment of cross-border health data infrastructures. We invite papers exploring diverse initiatives, from the European Health Data Space to corporate infrastructures, through to non-for-profit initiatives.

Long Abstract:

In tandem with intensified digitization of healthcare, a diverse set of actors is now seeking to establish exchanges of health data across national borders. From national governments to supranational European institutions, from health research networks to corporate entities, significant efforts are underway for establishing or maintaining platforms and infrastructures purposed towards extensive cross-border health data sharing.

With this panel we wish to invite reflections on how to explore and describe the current desire to exchange data across borders and implications of the new infrastructures that are being established. Data are desired for multiple purposes, and the involved actors are organized in myriad ways. As a consequence, 'cross-border data infrastructures' are 'wobbly phenomena' and difficult to regulate and manage. We invite papers on both large-scale public initiatives, such as the European Health Data Space, commercial companies specializing in data accumulation, and smaller not-for-profit activist attempts to harness data across borders. We are particularly interested in papers that reflect on how data infrastructures are shaped by specific imaginations as to their envisioned use, value, and who are the intended ‘end users’, and how data infrastructures become sources of broader social and political transformations.

Accepted papers: