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Participatory methods: opportunities & challenges of inclusivity in research design. 
Cassy Juhasz (Maastricht University)
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Dani Shanley (Maastricht University)
Combined Format Open Panel

Short Abstract:

Participatory research is a staple in STS. However, these methods bring challenges, such as conflicting values and/or institutional barriers. It is important to remain critical of our conception and methodology to develop robust and inclusive participatory methods.

Long Abstract:

Research in STS has a long tradition concerning the role of participation in science and technology development and regulation. The EU likewise pays a lot of attention to societal integration into science and innovation. The development of robust and inclusive participatory methods are thus deserving of analytical attention. How do we overcome institutional barriers? How do we respond to value conflicts? How do we translate STS to robust participatory practices? It is important to remain critical of the methods we employ and the conceptual underpinnings we endorse towards societal participation in science and technology.

STS research focuses not just on the relationship between science and technology and society, but also on how to bring society closer to science and technology development and innovation. Participatory research methods allow for the inclusion of society and their specific knowledge, concerns and perspectives in development and innovation processes. This panel focuses on the challenges and opportunities of these participatory methods in STS research. This panel relates to the theme of making and doing transformations by exploring the participatory approach to changing how we do science and innovation. By paying specific attention to the opportunities and challenges of participatory methods, we explore the challenges and limits STS faces in their attempt to transform society, science and their interrelationship.

This panel focuses on emerging or established methods for participatory and inclusive research design within STS. Paying particular attention to the challenges that participatory research methods bring forth and the theoretical underpinnings and conceptual understandings that inform participatory research methods and its application. The panel welcomes contributions from scientists and practitioners dealing with participatory methods to explore methodological evolutions in participatory approaches, challenges and ways forward. Contributions are welcome in the form of traditional papers, but more experimental contributions are encouraged, such as workshops or participatory exercises.

Accepted contributions: