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Planetarity, geology, geo-power: Earth as praxis 
Jerome Whitington (New York University)
Zeynep Oguz (University of Edinburgh)
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Zeynep Oguz (University of Edinburgh)
Jerome Whitington (New York University)
Timothy Neale (Deakin University)
Combined Format Open Panel

Short Abstract:

This combined format panel engages 'earth as praxis' to foster experimental planetary methods for thinking and acting on geosocial and geopolitical predicaments, including the role of earth sciences. Themes include inhuman territorializations, becoming geological and planetary predicaments.

Long Abstract:

Planetarity has increasingly received special attention in the critical social sciences and humanities. This combined format panel builds on our special issue of Environmental Humanities, Earth as Praxis (Oguz and Whitington 2023) to develop concrete methods for engaging with earth system dynamics and the sciences of earth. Centering geological practices, we build on the work of Nigel Clark, Kathryn Yusoff, Sylvia Wynter and Elizabeth Grosz and others, to foster experimental methods for thinking and acting on geosocial and geopolitical histories and lives. We propose that planetarity is not only the outcome of a historical process, but has also been integral to explicit geo-political projects ranging from racialized colonization and ecological reconciliation to geoengineering and decarbonizing global capitalism. Specifically, we propose three linked frameworks:

–Inhuman territorializations: political geologies through which lands, subsoil, and earthy matter have been subjected to modes of power, and how in turn, such practices participate in the constitution of dehumanized, racialized, dispossessed, or exhausted bodies and peoples.

–Becoming geological: reconfigurations of geology as a modality of power through which humans and nonhumans make use of, are subjected to and become constituted by powerful geological relations.

–Planetary predicaments: emergent geo-political formations that are non-homogenous and non-universal—an alter-planetary abstracted, calculated and governed, yet at the same time shot through with difference, uncertainty and apprehension—hold open the promise and possibility of new forms of collectivity.

Accepted contributions:

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Session 2
Session 3