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Creative transformations through performance and the written word 
Michela Cozza (Mälardalen University)
Sally Wyatt (Maastricht University)
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Nina Klimburg-Witjes (University of Vienna)
Combined Format Open Panel

Short Abstract:

In this panel (1) we will reflect on the role of creative interpretations of techno-scientific transformations; (2) at a later stage, we will open a call for a poetry, flash fiction and short story competition. We will organise workshops for people to receive feedback on their own creative writing.

Long Abstract:

Artists know that creativity can be a powerful force for reshaping our understanding of the world. This panel invites you to explore how different kinds of writing and performance inform our STS practice. We will delve into the fusion of different forms of writing and performance in STS. We aim to kindle the collective and individual imaginations of STS scholars by immersing ourselves in poetic, literary, and other creative interpretations of techno-scientific transformations.

Building on the first successful iteration of EASST conference engagements with 'techno-science fictional futures' (Cozza et al, 2022), this panel offers an extended space for such collective explorations.

We envisage two types of sessions (maximum of four), requiring different kinds of abstracts:

1. Reflections on creative (writing) practices: We seek abstracts that reflect on the diverse roles that various forms of writing and performance play in STS. These sessions offer a platform to discuss how art and creativity intertwine with STS practice, and how they can be mobilized to engage (with) non-academic audiences. Abstracts for these sessions must adhere to the guidelines provided by the conference organizers.

2. Creative writing workshops: Following the resounding success of the creative writing competition at the Madrid EASST conference (2022), we are thrilled to invite conference participants to contribute their own creative expressions. At a later stage, we will open a call for submissions of poems, flash fiction, and short stories that creatively delve into the conference theme of 'making and doing transformations'. During the open call, you only need to indicate if you intend to write one of these creative forms. These workshops provide a unique opportunity for participants to receive valuable feedback and hone their creative skills.

Michela Cozza, Nina Klimburg Witjes and Sally Wyatt (2022) First-ever poetry, flash fiction and short story competition. EASST Review 42(2): 58-59.

Accepted contributions:

Session 1