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Doing digital care and spatial transformations 
Dara Ivanova (Radboud University Nijmegen)
Daryl Martin (University of York)
Thorben Simonsen (The Danish Center for Social Science Research)
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Combined Format Open Panel

Short Abstract:

This panel interrogates how care practices become re-placed and re-configured in light of techno-scientific innovations. How can STS-scholars mobilize conceptually and critically to challenge techno-solutionism, and think through how digital technologies shape the relations between care and space?

Long Abstract:

This panel interrogates digital care technologies and their consequences in homes, cities and planet by mobilizing STS sensibilities around care as critique and speculative ethics (Puig de la Bellacasa 2017). STS scholars have characterised place as an agent in socio-material constructions of caring (Oudshoorn 2012, Langstrup 2013, Ivanova 2020). Re-placing care onto digital spaces, however, has not been so adequately theorized; because of the massive uptake of digital technologies across care domains, we urgently need to understand how such technologies – whether apps, platforms, or virtual reality - spatially reconfigure socio-material care arrangements. The panel attends to the production, experience and implications of digital spaces of care as new frontiers for where the relations between health, illness and care are imagined and negotiated. Digital spaces cut across scales, requiring us to consider what is at stake when we care in and for homes, cities, and even planet. We are curious about how STS sensibilities can direct attention towards digital spaces of care and the techno-scientific care practices that follow, without falling into techno-solutionism. Indeed, can STS scholarship facilitate spatial critique as a particular mode of care?

We welcome abstracts exploring the following questions:

- How to theorize the interrelations between the spatial and care in the context of digitalization?

- How to understand digital and physical care infrastructures as care agents?

- How to develop and maintain STS sensibilities to care-in-place?

- Who imagines and produces (digital) care places and with what implications?

- How can we harness replacements in care as a mode of (feminist) critique?

- What care levels are at stake in the Anthropocene – home, neighbourhood, city, region, planet – and how should we understand these as interrelated care places?

We invite traditional presentations and alternative contributions, such as exhibitions, walking presentations, story-telling, and interactive performance.

Accepted contributions:

Session 1
Session 2